Hingham Farmer’s Market in Hingham, MA

Nick and I spent the morning catching up on each other’s weeks and watching Sammy rearrange the playroom.  After convincing the wee beast to eat some french toast and stop chasing the dog, we headed down to Hingham, MA for a change of scenery.

Located on Route 3A, the Hingham Farmers Market is the perfect place to spend a lazy Saturday morning.  It overlooks Hingham Harbor and the smell of the salty air makes you instantly hungry.  Hingham Farmers Market Massachusetts

Hingham Farmers Market (9)

First, we stopped to smell the roses.

Hingham Farmers Market Massachusetts

We perused the homegrown vegetables from Weir River Farm in Hingham.  The farm hosts a weekly outdoor story hour on Wednesdays at 10 am.  It’s $3 and totally worth it- they have a ton of animals out for the little ones to pet and then a barnyard themed story.  Sam and I try to go every week, so if you’re in the area, let me know and we’ll say hi!  You can find out more about the seasonal programs at the farm here.  Hingham Farmers Market Massachusetts

Sadie Mae’s Cupcake Cafe was serving up some hot coffee and beautiful cupcakes.

Hingham Farmers Market Massachusetts

Narragansett Creamery was dishing up fresh cheese.  In case you weren’t sure, check out the sign on the right- cheese does contain milk!

Hingham Farmers Market MassachusettsHingham Farmers Market Massachusetts

Freitas Farm had a great deal going- for $20, you got one pint blueberries, one pint raspberries, 1 pound green beans, 1 pound summer squash, onions and lettuce.  They are my go-to farm stand at any market- I alway love what I get from them.

Hingham Farmers Market Massachusetts

Sammy tried some maple cream and loved it (duh!). Hingham Farmers Market MassachusettsHingham Farmers Market Massachusetts

And no seaside farmers market would be complete without fresh fish.  $6 a pound for lobsters- yes, please!

Hingham Farmers Market Massachusetts

We bought a citronella geranium from Neptune’s Harvest to put on our deck.  Here’s hoping it keeps those pesky ‘skeeters away.  We were told you can even rip off a leaf and rub it on your skin for extra protection.  Sounds way better than DEET!

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